Xûr on EDZ at the Winding Cove!
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    How to find Xur?

    Every Guardian occasionally wonders how to get some really nice gear without breaking a sweat in the Master Raid or the Iron Banner. And while such a request seems slightly too much to some, there is one simple way to freshen your gear tab without much effort. This article will break down Xur’s location today, what Xur selling is, what does Xur have, and when does Xur appear. It is all Xur related stuff, if you did not get the memo.

    A strange being known as Xur, The Agent of the Nine, appears in the Destiny’s game world each week, on weekends from 9:00 am on Friday till the next week’s reset. Guardians can exchange their Legendary Shards and Exotic Chips for some new, shiny additions to their arsenal. Xur offers the following items:

    • One Exotic Weapon
    • Exotic armor pieces, one for each class (with random stat distribution)
    • Fated Engrams
    • Exotic Cipher Quest (practically your typical bounty with an Exotic Cipher as a reward)

    Each week, Xur’s item list changes, so it is useful to know what guns Xur offers this week and their cost the moment he appears on the map. Xur location is also a bit of a conundrum, due to it being randomly picked each week. Here is the list of the locations where Xur can appear across the world:

    The Tower: Hangar
    EDZ: the Winding Cove
    Nessus: the Watcher’s Grave

    The list was much longer before Bungie began sunsetting planets, so thank them for that.

    Where is Xur This Week?

    Today, Xur can be found on EDZ at the Winding Cove.

    What Exotics is Xur Selling This Week?
    1. Exotic Engram, as usual
    2. Lord of Wolves — this shotgun has gone through many nerfs and buffs. Though it is still not the worst choice for PvP content now.
    3. Lucky Pants — Hunter Exotic Legs, which suit Kinetic Hand Cannons perfectly well. This is especially seen in PvE where their damage is increased.
    4. Stronghold Titan Arms;
    5. Verity’s Brow — a decent ancient exotic for Warlocks. It can improve your build if it is based on grenade use.
    6. Hawkmoon with Hip-Fire Grip and Dead Man’s Tale with Subsistence. To tell the truth, both rolls are far from the best. So, you’d better save your Legendary Shards for the next week.

    Legendary Weapons:

    1. True Prophecy hand cannon (Overflow + Explosive Payload);
    2. Farewell Sidearm (Subsistence + Vorpal Weapon);
    3. Extraordinary Rendition SMG (Surplus + Tap the Trigger);
    4. Timeline’s Vertex Fusion Rifle (Lead from Gold + Disruption Break);
    5. Without Remorse Shotgun (Hip-Fire Grip + Fragile Focus);
    6. Sailspy Pitchglass Linear Fusion Rifle (Compulsive Reloader + Frenzy);
    7. Night Watch Scout Rifle (Subsistence + Multikill Clip).

    We highly recommend you to take God Roll of the True Prophecy hand cannon until next Xur’s departure.

    Warlock Legendary Armor:

    Helmet Chest Gloves Boots
    Mobility 24 12 19 2
    Resilience 2 2 2 30
    Recovery 6 20 12 2
    Discipline 24 11 14 7
    Intellect 2 18 17 16
    Strength 7 2 2 10
    Total 65 65 66 67

    Hunter Legendary Armor:

    Helmet Chest Gloves Boots
    Mobility 6 10 15 6
    Resilience 15 15 15 15
    Recovery 12 7 2 10
    Discipline 10 6 15 6
    Intellect 7 15 7 6
    Strength 16 12 10 18
    Total 66 65 64 61

    Titan Legendary Armor:

    Helmet Chest Gloves Boots
    Mobility 17 15 22 2
    Resilience 14 10 2 30
    Recovery 2 7 10 2
    Discipline 7 10 10 12
    Intellect 2 12 15 6
    Strength 24 10 6 16
    Total 66 64 65 68

    It is a lucky day for Titans and Warlocks! We suggest you purchase Legs with 30 Stability and a Titan Helmet with 24 Strength.

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    What Xur was Selling
    Black Talon
    • Charge Rate: 75
    • Ammo Capacity: 60
    Shards of Galanor
    • Mobility: 3
    • Resilience: 11
    • Recovery: 19
    • Discipline: 17
    • Inteligence: 11
    • Strength: 2
    • Total: 63
    Antaeus Wards
    • Mobility: 3
    • Resilience: 19
    • Recovery: 10
    • Discipline: 6
    • Inteligence: 6
    • Strength: 18
    • Total: 62
    Verity‘s Brow
    • Mobility: 2
    • Resilience: 19
    • Recovery: 11
    • Discipline: 12
    • Inteligence: 7
    • Strength: 9
    • Total: 60


    Where is Xûr today — this is a common question among the Guardians, as he is an intriguing and mysterious being in the game’s universe. His purpose is to sell scarce gear for Strange Coins or Legendary Shards in Destiny 2.

    Xûr’s appearance is periodical and timed with the planetary alignments within the game as he hails from the Jovians, a mysterious, unexplored area beyond the Reef. The vendor’s moves are bizarre as he does not move of his own will.

    Thanks to that, Xûr inventory today will never be the same as that of next week, creating a huge anticipation for his appearance.

    Who Exactly is Xûr?

    Xûr is a unique and mysterious creature that roams the Destiny universe. He’s an intriguing character known for his enigmatic nature and role as a traveling merchant. In Destiny 2, Xûr has gained the attention of many and has become famous due to the exotic items he offers for sale.Some key points to consider if you are wondering where is Xûr today:

    • Mysterious Trader: Xûr is a trader who appears only once every week . He sells various exotic items in exchange for “Legendary Shards and Exotic Chips.” Xûr is anticipated because you never know what he will be selling. Xur inventory today will randomly reset and respawn by the end of the week.
    • Agent of the Nine: Xûr has this bizarre title added to his name. It presents his allegiance to the Nine, a group of mysterious beings whose nature is still uncovered.
    • Random Spawning: Xûr location today can be one of three sites, but will never be the same twice in a row. It changes weekly and is randomly selected from a list of known locations.
    • Exotic Gear for Sale: Some of the inventory he offers includes existing weapons and armor for each class.

    This mysterious merchant present is a significant opportunity for Destiny 2 Guardians to increase their power levels. He also fascinates many with his lore and equals treasure hunting. His mysteriousness has turned him into a long-awaited weekly event making many ask themselves, when does Xur reset.

    Where is Xûr Today Destiny 2?

    Xûr’s location is a topic of great interest for many Guardians who speculate its weekly respawn spot. Due to the randomness, you never know which site he will be at. However, he always appears in one of three chosen locations:

    Wonder where is Xûr this week? He could be in:

    • The Tower in the Hangar.
    • EDZ at Winding Cove.
    • The Nessus at the Watcher’s Grave.

    The question of where is Xûr today is much easier to answer. The list you saw is updated, shortened due to the sunset of certain planets within the game.

    What is He Selling Today?

    Xûr’s merchandise is a major point of interest for Guardians. Every week this vendor offers a selection of exotic gear and other items that players highly anticipate. The items sold by Xûr can significantly boost a player’s power, making him the perfect choice for those who seek ways to get stronger.

    The question of what is Xûr selling today is difficult to answer. However, the items will include the following:

    • An Exotic Weapon for Each Class.
    • Exotic Armors Befitting All Guardians.
    • Fated Engrams Providing Random Item.
    • Exotic Cipher Quest.

    Each gear piece has a random stat distribution, making it hard to get the perfect piece. In addition, Xûr sells exotic gear for each class, and each piece has its perks and combat advantages.

    The Fated Engrams are a unique Destiny 2 item. Its purpose is to provide players with an Exocit Item they do not have. Once you get them, players need to decrypt the Fated Engrams.

    If you get the Exocit Cipher quests, you must complete a bounty mission. This rewards you with an Exotic Cipher, an exciting and valuable item that Guardians can use to buy Exotic Gear.

    Each item offered by the mysterious vendor appears on a random basis and change weekly. That’s why many await and wonder when does Xûr reset, making it an event full of anticipation.

    Guardians who wish to purchase any item from him must pay him with “Legendary Shards and Exotic Chips.” Players acquire these currencies/resources during the Destiny 2 gameplay.

    What’s the Destiny 2 Xûr Location & Schedule

    Understanding Xûr’s schedule is crucial for those purchasing from his exotic items.

    The vendor appears in Destiny 2 world once a week. This event takes place over the weekend and starts every Friday. Xûr spawns randomly, but at a specific time that doesn’t change, usually 9:00 am every Friday.


    Xûr is an important figure in the dangerous world of Destiny 2. He’s the mysterious vendor who allows players to get stronger. Xûr’s supplies of exquisite stocks, from exotic weapons and armor to Fated Engrams, make him an anticipated event during the week.

    Many Guardians strive to gather Legendary Shards and Exotic Chips and purchase their merchandise. Xûr’s inventory often makes a difference in Destiny 2 players’ gameplay, as the Exocit Gear can significantly boost their power.

    Knowing where to find him is crucial for those seeking to become stronger. Finding how to do so is easy if you use our webpage. Stay current by using our resources and a real-time update on Xûr’s location and items. Prepare with us and get ready for the exciting yet anticipated appearance of Xûr, the Agent of the Nine!

    Where is Xur this week?
    Until August 15 Xur can be found on EDZ at the Winding Cove.
    Why is Xur not showing up?
    If you are wondering why Xur is not showing up in Destiny 2, there are a few likely explanations. First, it is possible he has not spawned yet. Xur only spawns three days a week. Another possibility is you are not looking in the right place. Xur always appears in a public space, so he should be pretty easy to find if you are exploring the world.
    What Weapons Is Xur Selling, and Are They Any Good?
    He sells various cannons, riffles, and other weapons that have significant firepower; a commonly seen one is the "Dead Man's Tale exotic scout rifle."
    When and at What Time Does Xur Appear in the Game World?
    He spawns at 9:00 am every week on Friday.
    At What Time Precisely Does Xur Reset?
    The Vendor reset the same time he spawns, so 9:00 am.
    How Many Times Can You Buy From Him?
    You can buy as many times as you wish if you can pay for the transaction.
    Is Xur Leaving Destiny 2 Anytime Soon?
    From the up-to-date information, he is not leaving the universe and will keep providing Guardians with exquisite weapons.
    How Much Does Xur Gear Cost on Average?
    The average cost of an Exotic Gear runs from 23 Legendary Shards and above, depending on the item.
    How to Find the Location of Where is Xur Destiny 2
    You can do it by following the latest information on our site.
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